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Kurlor is a digital agency in Akwa Ibom, Nigeria. We help businesses to communicate effectively with their customers (graphic designs), establish a digital footprint (web development) and generate more revenue (digital marketing) through the exclusive power of digital technologies.

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Our Team Your Heroes Without Cape

Ab Akpan


Nk Asukwo

Lead, Operations

Emem Ekop

Lead, Creative Unit

Star Ibanga

Customer Success

TESTIMONIALS What Our Clients Say

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I’ve worked with Ab for years now and I can tell you he’s the best man for your digital needs. A smart fellow, hardworking and relatable.

Dr. Gospel Mark Dikans Pet Shop, Lagos
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To everyone out there who has the talent to showcase but doesn't know how to let the world know about it, I want to let you know that Kurlor can help you make your dreams come true.

Ima Udott Stories by Ima Udott
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They provided an excellent service on our social media optimization Ubong Inyang Production.

Ubong Inyang Ubong Inyang Production, USA
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They are vision driven, and always ready to explore/ expand. Full of positive ideas and solutions. They Offers Clients friendly services.

Udy Stanley Glamorous Bakehouse, Akwa Ibom
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I've worked with Kurlor for some years now and I must say they are very best at what the do. I'll gladly leave my digital service needs in their able hands without any phobia 😜😜😜

Emmanuel Jolly Jollyloaded, Nigeria
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One of the good guys out there, very dedicated and professional. I enjoy working with them.

Aniefash Solomon Aniefash Clothing, Akwa Ibom


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